Our services are tailored to clients unique workforce, size and business needs.

At Diversity Knowhow we develop entirely bespoke inclusive culture strategies and interventions, that deliver higher engagements and greater productivity. Fiona Krautil (CEO), a trusted industry authority with proven best practice will guide and assist you on your diversity and inclusion journey, ensure you avoid common pitfalls, and enable you to harness the best business opportunities. 


Trainer & facilitator

Our creative learning solutions in Diversity, Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Inclusion Leadership and Workplace Respect have been designed and delivered to over 3,000 leaders and staff in government, private sector and academia. Our workshops draw from the latest national and international research, offered in an engaging and thought provoking and interactive format, that is without peer in Australia.  Our half day and full day workshops include interaction by participants as well as pre-reading and post work-shop coaching. 

All achieve sustainable results that will increase awareness and mobilise leaders and staff to get involved and work together to help make your organisation more inclusive and successful . 


"The unconscious bias workshops were designed in a way that challenged thinking through thought-provoking content delivered in a highly engaging way. This has created an excitement and momentum that far surpassed our expectations! The unique combination of knowledge, engaging facilitation and ability to present the information in an impactful way turned even the most hardened non-believers around."

Top Qualities: Thought-provoking, knowledgeable, engaging.

Julie Moss, Manager Learning and Diversity, Canon Australia Pty Ltd

"I had very low expectations. I felt I had drawn the short straw in coming. The workshop totally changed my attitude. It was excellent, highly relevant and empowering". 

 Workshop participant June 2017




We provide inspirational presentations, and design workshops and events that increase diversity and inclusion awareness, shift mindsets and inspire action; sharing the data that identifies the wicked problem, best practice frameworks, practical case studies,  and inspirational stories and tips that shine a light on what is possible to create new thinking to help people move beyond a tolerance mindset to a valuing and harnessing diversity mindset to increase staff engagement, innovation & profit. Each step taken with Diversity Knowhow works towards creating new conversations and driving personal and group accountability to improve results, with our rich experience offering the tools to help. 

Recent presentations & workshops

"Beyond the numbers, D & I metrics that matter" AHRI I & D Conference - Oct 17

"The SAGE Initiative - investing in your company's STEMM future through education" Konnect D & I Summit - Nov 17

"The D & I case for change" CLEAA (The Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia)  Conference - Oct 17

Coming Up

"Dynamics of a diverse & Inclusive Workplace" May 18 Brisbane 2018 Crown Leadership Diversity & Inclusion Conference


"Such a knowledgable and engaging presenter. Great practical tips as well. Enthusiasm was contagious. Capability lens framing was very helpful." Konnect conference delegate feedback Nov 18

A speaking engagement with colleagues at PLC Melbourne in February 2018. 

A speaking engagement with colleagues at PLC Melbourne in February 2018. 


Consultant & Trouble-shooter

Our personalised analytical, and strategy consultancy packages can be customised to meet your business needs. Our D & I Generational Impact Model © and Inclusive Leader mindset tools together with our unconscious bias programs give leaders and practitioners new behaviours, practical actions and a clear roadmap to make system and culture change. We  focus on not just "the what" but also "the how" to increase leader and staff buy in and traction.  We believe that diversity and inclusion is a key ingredient for increasing staff engagement, innovation, and financial sustainability.  

Our offerings may best be examined through a stakeholder lens such as senior leaders, line managers, HR & D& I committees and employees. We offer a comprehensive suite of support tools for each stakeholder group delivered progressively to build support and senior commitment with flexible packaging to work within all budgets.

We can work independently or as a part of a larger package to deliver robust policies, strategies, governance bodies, interventions and metrics. You may also see Diversity Knowhow as your external specialist advisor with a vast offering of additional resources to compliment your internal capability.

We our always available to discuss and answer queries that revolve around harnessing the power of diversity. 


Build a more inclusive workplace that delivers high performance with the expertise of Diversity Knowhow principal Fiona Krautil.

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Fiona is a visionary leader who understood diversity long before it became popular in the public domain. Fiona is able to lead and guide through aspiration and has always been able to clearly see the end result in mind.
— Lisa Annese, Projects And Development, Diversity Council Australia Ltd