Diversity Unplugged

Follow the stories of leading Australian CEO’s and learn how you can create an inclusive workplace that increases staff engagement, innovation, and company profit. 

Diversity Unplugged offers frank and practical advice that you can immediately implement into your organisation. Find out how you can create a more diverse workplace, and how that will benefit your organisation both now and into the future. 

Who will benefit from reading Diversity Unplugged?

  • -CEO’s

  • -Human Resource Managers

  • -Recruiters

  • -Department Managers

  • -Team Leaders

Fiona Krautil - leading Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

If you recruit or manage talent within your organisation, you need to understand how diversity is going to affect your organisation. Year on year, diversity has been a key challenge for organisations across Australia. Leaders who are skilled at championing diversity are in high demand.

Diversity Unplugged is written by Fiona Krautil, one of Australia's leading Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion specialists and practitioners. Fiona has over 25 year’s experience helping increase diversity and inclusion to build diversity and organisation capability.

Diversity Unplugged shares invaluable advice that will help you successfully develop and lead a diverse workforce. Learn from the successes and failures from those who have created genuinely inclusive workplaces.

The diversity of Australia’s workforce impacts every workplace, across every industry. Similarly, the benefits are also available to organisations of every size, from small partnerships to publicly listed multinationals. Australia’s diversity is rapidly changing from ‘Anglo Saxon vanilla’ to a rainbow of colours, cultures, and creeds. Organisations are ethically and legally bound to respect, value and leverage diversity - but many are unsure where to start.

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Drive Lasting Change From Within Your Organisation

Diversity Unplugged will give you the tools you need to help your organisation to demonstrate diversity leadership, and enable you to compete with those who are already benefiting from implementing diversity strategies. Organisations that lag behind on workplace inclusivity are missing out on the competitive edge that comes from having a genuinely diverse pool of talent.

Inclusivity is the new organisational imperative, and there has never been greater demand for managers who can champion the cause. Diversity Unplugged is your roadmap to becoming that champion within your organisation.

If you want to drive lasting change that’s visible across multiple organisational performance metrics, Diversity Unplugged offers the most approachable resource available. Diversity Unplugged provides the tools you need to unlock the benefits of diversity for your organisation.

“Fiona has provided AHRI with excellent advice, input and support with our various Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She is a highly committed and skilled professional with outstanding knowledge on the full range of Diversity issues and the challenges in getting Diversity initiatives to work.”