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Diversity Unplugged

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Secret Leadership Conversations of Top CEO’s Exposed

Ten leading Australian CEOs walk us through their leadership journey and share with us – in plain, frank language – what it has been like to lead an increasingly diverse workforce.

In this Ebook you will learn:

  • How to embrace , value and leverage diversity in the workplace.

  • How to create inclusive workplaces that increase staff engagement, innovation and company profit.

  • What it is like to lead an increasingly diverse workforce.

  • Why flexibility, mentoring, sponsorship, inclusion and culture are values that CEOs should strive to embed in their businesses.

Fiona Krautil

Fiona Krautil

Fiona is Founder and Principal of Diversity Knowhow with a proven track record in delivering gender equity, diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategy, and unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training that unleashes diverse staff and team potential to increase organisation performance.

She is one of Australia's leading Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion specialists and practitioners. Helping employers increase diversity and inclusion to build diversity and organisation capability is her passion and her calling. After an early career as a scientist, she draws on her extensive leadership, change, and practical strategy and implementation experience, providing strategic advice, education, and consultancy assistance to increase staff engagement, innovation and profit.


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